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Radio Equipment for Auction on Ebay

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  Updated 02/13/2009



General Searches

Trunktracker    Scanners

General Ebay Search for Trunktracker capable    scanners.

Uniden    Scanners

General Ebay Search for Uniden    scanners.

Radioshack    Scanners

General Ebay Search for RadioShack    scanners.



Uniden  Digital Scanners

BCD996T Scanners

BCD996T Digital capable scanners.

BCD396T Scanners

BCD396T Digital capable    scanners.

BC796D Scanners

BC796D            Digital capable    scanners.

BC296D Scanners

BC296D            Digital capable    scanners.

BC250D Scanners

      BC250D            Digital          capable     Scanners.



Uniden  Analog  Trunktracker Scanners

BC246T Scanners

Trunktracker   : BC246T Scanners.

BC245XLT Scanners

Trunktracker   : BC245XLT Scanners.

BCT-8 Scanners

Trunktracker   : BCT-8 Scanners.

BC780XLT Scanners

Trunktracker   : BC780XLT Scanners.

BC898T Scanners

Trunktracker   : BC780XLT Scanners.

BCT15 Scanners

Trunktracker   : BCT15 Scanners. 



GRE  Digital Trunking Scanners

PSR-500 Scanners

PSR-500 HandHeld Digital Triple Trunking

PSR-600 Scanners

PSR-600 Desktop/Mobile Digital Triple Trunking



GRE  Analog Trunking Scanners

PSR-300 Scanners

Triple Trunking :           PSR-300 HandHeld

PSR-400 Scanners

Triple Trunking : PSR-400 HandHeld



Scanner Antennas

Scanner Antennas

General  Search for    Scanner Antennas

Discone Antennas

Search for   Discone Antennas



Motorola Radio Equipment

Motorola Radios A general Search for All Motorola Radios     Available for Auction
Motorola GM300 Motorola GM300 Models
Motorola  SM120/SM50 Motorola  SM120/SM50 Models
Motorola Maxtrac Motorola      Maxtrac Models
Motorola MTX Motorola MTX Radios
Motorola RIB Boxes Motorola Compatible RIB Boxes, Cables, and     programming equipment



Kenwood Radio Equipment

Kenwood Radios General Kenwood Equipment available for auction.



Relm Radio Equipment

Relm Radios Relm Radios     Equipment available for auction



Smartcomm Radio Equipment

Smartcomm SVC32 Smartcomm SVC32 VHF
Smartcomm SCU32 Smartcomm SCU32 UHF
Smartcomm A general Search for All     Smartcomm     Available for Auction