Dec 09

RCMP promise more checkstops for Alberta drivers

_h366_w650_m6_otrue_lfalseRCMP officers stop drivers in Calgary at one of 157 roadside checkstops set up across Alberta Saturday night. CBC
Alberta drivers can expect to face more checkstops through the holiday season this year, according to the RCMP.

“We’re going to be as visible as we can but we’re also going to be as strategic as we can, to be out there where the impaired drivers might be.” said Cpl. Darin Turnbull.

Officers fanned out across the province last night with 157 checkstops as part of a Canada-wide crackdown.

RCMP call it one of the the biggest co-ordinated efforts of its kind in Alberta and will be working closely with tow truck operators.

“They’re on standby because we know now of course in Alberta, what used to be a 24 hour suspension for providing a breath sample between 50 and 100 is now a three day seizure of your vehicle,” said Cpl. Turnbull.

He says the roadside checkstops will be set up in places known for high rates of impaired driving.

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