Feb 02

Integrated Fire And Ambulance Dispatch To Stay In Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE: It’s a bright day for emergency services in our  city, as the province has agreed to keep the integrated fire and ambulance  dispatch here in Lethbridge.ambulance201_1


Lethbridge West MLA Greg Weadick discusses how they were finally able to  break through, “I can honestly tell you that (Lethbridge East MLA Bridget  Pastoor) and I have been working on this for two years, and I think it was just  a question of sitting down on a continuous basis and working with staff at  Alberta Health Services and with the minister in his office, to come up with a  solution that worked for everyone, and you know what, at the end of the day I  think this is the right solution.”


Mayor Chris Spearman was very excited to receive the news, and was quick to  give a great deal of the credit to Weadick and Pastoor.


While this is a significant first step, Spearman did note that there’s still  some details that need to be worked out, “We’ll need to make sure that we’re  using the same systems, I’m sure Alberta Health is going to have some  requirements with respect to training on their system, and you know we’re going  to work with them. The real issue is how much we will be compensated for  providing the service that we do.”


Spearman explained that Alberta Health probably feels that they’re having to  subsidize the service. He stated that not only is he confident that our service  is more efficient than the centralized plan put forward by the province, but  that it also provides the fastest and best quality emergency care possible.


Both Spearman and Weadick expect it to take a few months to work through all  the details and determine compensation.

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